Raising Healthy Kids with Whitney & Alex of Plant Based Juniors

March 21, 2022 Sarah Bradford & Stephanie Nelson Season 2 Episode 8
Raising Healthy Kids with Whitney & Alex of Plant Based Juniors
Show Notes

This week we sat down with Whitney English & Alex Caspero, the Founders of Plant Based Juniors to talk about everything from how to instill healthy eating habits in our children, navigating picky eaters, the truth about protein, and so much more! This was such an informative and fun conversation!

Whitney and Alex are Registered Dietitian Nutritionists and mothers who started Plant Based Juniors as a resource for families who want to raise their kids in a predominantly plant-based way; and feel confident about the many decisions that come with nourishing children. 

They know how confusing it all can be, so at PBJs they do the research for you. Whitney & Alex rely on evidence-based nutrition advice, so you know that the recommendations they make are based on research, not dogma. Their goal is to empower parents to make the best nutrition decisions for their families.

Check out the Plant Based Juniors website to lear more HERE!

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