Navigating Pelvic Organ Prolapse, Athleticism, & Mental Health with Kimberley Johnson

September 15, 2020 Sarah Bradford & Stephanie Nelson Season 1 Episode 7
Navigating Pelvic Organ Prolapse, Athleticism, & Mental Health with Kimberley Johnson
Show Notes

In episode 7 Sarah and Stephanie chat with Kimberley Johnson, a mother and advanced doctoral student in clinical psychology with an emphasis in women's health. Kimberley shares her postpartum experience with navigating pelvic organ prolapse and the direct link to maternal mental health, and how it has illuminated a major unmet need among postpartum women. Through her research and clinical work, Kimberley aims to advocate for reproductive justice, help shift postpartum care, and improve maternal health and wellbeing. Connect with Kimberley and follow along with her journey on Instagram HERE.

Mental Health Resources -
During our conversation, Kimberley discussed "both/and" flexible thinking, which can be a really helpful skill to build not only in coping with a birth injury and postpartum/motherhood challenges, but life in general! She mentioned DBT as one type of therapy that does this, but this concept is woven through many types of research-supported psychological treatments. To learn about various types of therapy, chick HERE.
Postpartum Support International

Physical Healing & Rehabilitation Resources -
Julie Wiebe is a skilled women's health physical therapist with several online programs who's focus is on helping people return to sport through the integration of breathing and pressure management. 

PopUplift is is a comprehensive resource for people of all ages and all stages of POP. Delivered entirely online, POPUp gives you access to expert guidance without having to  leave the couch. Check out their program HERE.

LUNA Mother Co offers pelvic floor & core physical therapy series for pregnancy and postpartum as well as an abundance of evidence-based fitness classes and workouts deigned to help you heal post-birth and build a solid foundation of strength. Use code MOTHERLODE to get your first month for free. 

General Wellbeing/Self-Care -
The book Kimberley references in our interview is Falling Upward, by Richard Rohr

Free mindfulness & relaxation resources: UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center (; Dartmouth Guided Audio Recordings (

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