Queer Parenthood, Advocacy, & Navigating Reproductive Assistance with Georgia Noonan, RN

October 07, 2020 Sarah Bradford & Stephanie Nelson Season 1 Episode 10
Queer Parenthood, Advocacy, & Navigating Reproductive Assistance with Georgia Noonan, RN
Show Notes

On today's episode we sit down with Georgia Noonan, a Registered Labor & Delivery Nurse and soon to be Women's Health Nurse Practitioner, to discuss becoming parents as LGBTIQ individuals, ways to advocate for yourself and your family amidst a broken healthcare system, navigating ART (assisted reproductive technology) and finding the right practitioner for you, as well as an often overlooked yet common condition that plays an important role in fertility.

Georgia is a soon-to-be Women's Health Nurse Practitioner with under four weeks remaining in her graduate program at Frontier Nursing University. Originally on track to be a certified nurse midwife, Georgia is incredibly passionate about all things pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum. She is an advocate for birth justice and empowerment and helping birthing individuals achieve their birth outcomes and avoid the obstetrical violence and trauma she witnessed firsthand as a labor and delivery nurse for six years before returning to grad school to more actively implement the birth and women's healthcare revolution our nation demands. As a queer woman herself, she is both personally and professionally motivated to work with LGBTIQ individuals after graduation and address the rampant health disparities her community faces. The provision of Evidence Based Care and Information is of paramount importance to her and she recently became part of the Evidence Based Birth® instructor and childbirth educator team. In April, she launched her platform Birthing Beings to help connect and provide all of these services and more to clients in need.

You can also find Georgia on LUNA Mother Co's platform teaching our Childbirth Education Course as well as our Preparing For Postpartum Series. To connect with Georgia visit www.Birthing or follow her on Instagram

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