All About Adoption with Help Us Adopt Founder, Becky Fawcett

December 08, 2020 Sarah Bradford & Stephanie Nelson Season 1 Episode 16
All About Adoption with Help Us Adopt Founder, Becky Fawcett
Show Notes

On this week's episode we had the pleasure of sitting down with Becky Fawcett, the Founder & President of Help Us Adopt is a national 501(c)(3) adoption grant program that helps hard-working families overcome the financial obstacles of adoption so that children can join loving and permanent homes. 

Adoption is expensive. Typical costs include the home study; social worker visits; lawyers’ fees (for adoptive parent(s) and birthmother); birthmother's living expenses, medical expenses and counseling expenses; agency/orphanage fees; airline tickets (often last minute); hotel; car rental…. The average adoption costs approximately $40,000. The magnitude and uncertainty of these expenses is a significant obstacle to finding permanent homes for the millions of children around the world who need parents. Through the generous contributions of their donors, Help Us Adopt is able to knock down that obstacle, helping parents complete their families, and helping children find their forever homes. Since the organization’s launch in 2007, they have awarded 372 adoption grants totaling over $3.3 million!

Becky and her husband Kipp have two adopted children of their own, and have dedicated their lives to fighting for children around the globe who are in need of a safe, loving, permanent home.

To learn more about Help Us Adopt or to get involved by volunteering or donating, please visit
If you or someone you know is thinking about adoption, Becky wants to support you! She is available as a shoulder to lean on, an  ear to listen, and an incredible resource. You can contact her directly by emailing her - or on Instagram @helpusadopt and @becky.fawcett

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