Normalizing The Challenges of Breastfeeding

March 29, 2021 Sarah Bradford & Stephanie Nelson Season 2 Episode 3
Normalizing The Challenges of Breastfeeding
Show Notes

As natural a thing as it may be, breast/chestfeeding can be friggin’ hard! And many new parents aren’t prepared for that. Neither one of us were, that’s for sure! We both assumed it would feel natural and would just click into place. What we didn’t anticipate was the unbearable pain, the problems latching, the endless hours spent pumping, the undiagnosed lip tie, the many, many shed tears, or the feeling of defeat that would come along with it and we certainly weren’t prepared for any of that. Can we ever truly be prepared for what postpartum and new motherhood brings? We certainly don’t think so. We can have tools in our box but nothing can truly prepare you, since every experience is so unique.

️What we both wish we’d known then is that our babies would be OK. Whether exclusively breastfed or formula fed, they would be just fine. That they would grow strong, thrive, be healthy, and happy regardless of how they were fed. That our bonds with our first borns would be stronger than anything either of us could have ever imagined. That we didn’t need to be so hard on ourselves.

In this week's episode, Sarah & Stephanie share their own personal experiences with breastfeeding; their struggles and successes, and ways in which you can find support.

Nurture by Naps
La Leche League
Lactation Matters
Black Mothers Breastfeeding Association
United States Breastfeeding Committee
Milk Junkies
Milk Banking Association of America
MOBI Motherhood International
National Alliance For Breastfeeding Advocacy

Sarah & Stephanie are the Founders of LUNA Mother Co, the first all-in-one digital platform for motherhood. From their evidence based fitness method, to pelvic floor & core physical therapy programs, parenting classes, & community, LUNA Mother Co has it all!

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