A Mother's Story of Loss with Lynea Wallace

November 03, 2021 Sarah Bradford & Stephanie Nelson Season 2 Episode 4
A Mother's Story of Loss with Lynea Wallace
Show Notes

*TRIGGER WARNING* - this week's episode talk about pregnancy loss and may be triggering for some listeners.

1 in 4 people who become pregnant will experience loss. That is no small number. Yet our society tends to shy away from talking about it. We believe these stories deserve to be told, and that people who have experienced loss deserve more support. In this week's episode we talk with Lynea Wallace, a mother of two living children who has gone through three pregnancy losses. She bravely shares her story with us in a completely unedited, real, and raw conversation.

LUNA Mother Co's CONNECT Program is a curated offering for those who have experienced pregnancy or infant loss to begin to connect to and heal your body through a 4 part core and pelvic floor connect series, restorative yoga practices, and guided meditations, process emotions with the help of mental health experts, and honor your loss with a community who stands with you and supports you. neutral, non-triggering language is used throughout this program. This program is offered on a sliding scale and grants are also available. Learn more about the program HERE or email us at for financial assistance.
- Hand Online
- Birthwaves Doula Support for Pregnancy & Infant Loss
- Walk With Me
- March Of Dimes
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