Breaking Down The Barriers Women Face When Becoming Mothers with Molly Dickens, Co-Founder of &Mother

November 11, 2021 Sarah Bradford & Stephanie Nelson Season 2 Episode 5
Breaking Down The Barriers Women Face When Becoming Mothers with Molly Dickens, Co-Founder of &Mother
Show Notes

In this week's episode Sarah & Stephanie sit down with Molly Dickens, Co-Founder of &Mother to talk about everything from the effect of the pandemic on mothers, to the disparities in research on maternal and paternal care, to how high level female athletes are unsupported in their journeys to motherhood. Its a very interesting episode, and Molly is a wealth of knowledge so be sure to tune in!

Molly Dickens is a scientist, writer, advocate, and mother of two. After ten years as an academic researcher, Molly became a founding team member of a maternal health startup to follow her passion for aligning science and education with empowering mothers, called &Mother. &Mother is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to breaking the barriers that limit a woman’s choice to pursue and thrive in both career and motherhood.

As a stress physiologist, she has over 30 academic publications and has extended her work to include support for women during pregnancy, postpartum, and early motherhood. In science, academia, technology and startups, Molly has direct experience with the barriers that women face when they choose motherhood. She has witnessed the impact of a failure to support the needs of the modern family’s work/life balance and the repercussions of a working world that is not representative of women in society. She truly believes that improving the health of mothers is inextricably linked with representation across professions and that women, with all choices available to them, will lead the charge to change societal norms.

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Sarah & Stephanie are the Founders of LUNA Mother Co, the first all-in-one digital platform for motherhood. From their evidence based fitness method, to pelvic floor & core physical therapy programs, parenting classes, & community, LUNA Mother Co has it all!

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